Environmental HEADER v2

With over thirty eight years of unmatched experience, our environmental services, including electrical and plumbing, make sure you’re up and running faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Combined with our extensive certifications, training and memberships, we’re able to ensure that our clients won’t have to worry about meeting NYS and local requirements, both now and in the future.

We do it right, the first time.

Environmental Services:

+ Ground up construction of convenient stores and service stations
+ Above ground fuel storage tank installation
+ Underground fuel storage tank installation
+ Tank monitor systems, oil water separators
+ Commercial and residential plumbing

+ Commercial and residential electric
+ Fuel management systems
+ Tank and line testing
+ Pump and dispenser calibration, repair and maintenance
+ Tank opening and cleaning
+ Contaminated soil removal and disposal
+ Environmental cleanup, emergency spill response

Certifications, Training and Memberships:

+ Tank installers of N.Y. Member (TINY)
+ Steel Tank Institute Member
+ Highland Tank Installation Certification
+ Xerxes Corporation Tank Installation Certification
+ Containment Solution Tank Installation Certification
+ Ameron Fiberglass Piping Systems Certification
+ AO Smith Fiberglass Piping System Certification
+ Bulk Plant Inspection Level 2
+ OSHA Certification
+ 40-Series Oil Burner Training Program
+ Environmental Projects
+ Gas tec Piping systems Certification

+ Gasboy Fuel Management Systems Certified Installer
+ Petro vend Fuel Management Systems Certified Installer
+ Veeder Root Tank Monitors
+ Petro-tite Line and Tank and Tank Testing
+ Estabrooks EZY 3 Locator Plus Tank and Leak Detector Testing System
+ City of Syracuse Tank and Pipe License
+ Above ground Storage Tank Inspection Level 1
+ Gould’s Pump Certification
+ Rain Bird Irrigation Installers Course